Wildlife Safe Havens

Supporting threatened wildlife

Wildlife Safe Havens

Supporting threatened wildlife

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The issue

Our precious native animals are facing accumulative threats like never before. Nearly 3 billion animals were killed or displaced in the devasting bushfires of 2019/20. Making matters even worse are the combined forces of climate change, development and deforestation.

Many native species rely on naturally-forming tree hollows for homes and safe nesting places – 42% of all mammal species, 28% of reptiles, 17% of birds and thousands of insect species. 

But tree hollows are in very short supply. It can take up to 200 years for tree hollows to form naturally. Competition out there is fierce.

The solution

Brunswick Valley Landcare (BVL) in partnership with WildBNB Wildlife Habitat applied for and were successful in receiving funding from Landcare Australia through its WIRES – Landcare Wildlife Relief and Recovery Grants 2020.

WildBNB Wildlife Habitat are a local business researching, manufacturing, installing and monitoring nest boxes and habitat solutions.

The project aimed to increase available habitat and ensure connected habitat corridors for the safe passage of these animals as they feed, water and breed.

Landholders were invited to become a Wildlife Safe Haven. They were supported to do simple things on their property such as providing water, shelter and food by planting native plants and installing nest boxes. They also received information packs, online resources and were able to borrow motion detection cameras to help them to identify what animals were on their property.

The impact

Wildlife Safe Havens visited 30 properties to conduct a ‘habitat health check’. This was an opportunity to engage with landholders about their bush regeneration, wildlife support activities and to install nest boxes. These same landholders were also visited at the end of the project to further support their learning and changes.

"I'm absolutely thrilled with my new nest box and all this great information and plant funds. I'm so appreciative of all the wonderful work done by BVL. Such an asset to the local area. I feel reinvigorated to keep up my end of the bargain now!!!" Megan S, Landholder and Wildlife Safe Haven participant.

There was such a large interest in the project we launched a crowd funding campaign in March 2021 for Wildlife Safe Havens 2.0. Part of this was the “Art meets Habitat” project where painted nest boxes were auctioned to raise funds for the project. We are also applying for further funding to expand the project and continue the monitoring visits as landholder engagement and education have been a key component in the success of this project.

Key facts

  • 30 private landholders became Wildlife Safe Havens totaling 812 ha
  • 30 nest boxes installed
  • 563 native plants planted
  • Habitat Creation and Protection information leaflet created
  • Trial camera’s available for loan

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