Splitters Creek Catchment Plan

This plan is a guiding document to help shape decisions for resource management and community activity in the Splitters Creek area. Originally published in 2011, it is a living document and changes will inevitably be made over time as priorities and issues shift. In addition, new research findings and resource data may throw light on some issues leading to a change in the document being required.

Bungowannah / Splitters Landcare provides copies of the Catchment Plan to new residents to the valley along with a welcome pack with other relevant information. The Catchment Plan is an excellent resource for sharing the history, geomorphology and significant features of the area. The purpose of implementing this plan is: • To provide for appropriate multiple use of the area • To identify, conserve and enhance the biodiversity values of the area • To encourage and foster community appreciation of the area • To maintain good water quality both for consumption and discharge • To limit the impact of development on the catchment environment Any improvement in these areas would be a good outcome, but the ultimate would be to create a pleasant and productive environment where the economic and social features of the area can be maintained in balance with a healthy physical environment. For a copy of the plan contact us.