Want to find out more about your local threatened bushland? Need more volunteers to help with bushcare? Bushcare's Major Day Out is an annual event, on or close to 11 September, which involves around 250 bushcare sites across Australia. These events range from standard weeding and planting sessions to organised bushwalks, photography classes, information sessions and excellent morning teas. Register your bushcare site, or volunteer at a local site through: www.bushcaresmajordayout.org

Bushcare’s Major Day Out (BMDO) objectives are; to celebrate the valuable work done in bushland by volunteers and local landcare staff, to raise awareness of bushcare and also to encourage more people to volunteer with their local groups.

There are hundreds of local volunteer bushcare groups around Australia, meeting weekly or monthly to maintain local areas of bushland. Their main activities are weeding out invasive plant species, clearing out rubbish, planting native species and reporting wildlife sightings and issues. They are usually supported by council, Landcare or other land management representatives. These local bushcare groups provide invaluable extra resources to the hard-pushed council and government organisations, which are undertaking this responsibility.

If you are a bushcare site organiser please register your site to be promoted on the Bushcare's Major Day Out website and Facebook pages. Registration is simple.

If you are interested in volunteering, or just finding out a little bit more about bushcare, please go to our website to find a location near you.

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