Bushwalk up Tayan Pic

Tayan Pic walk/climb on Sunday 14 April through private property.
  • What Mental Health Resources
  • When 14 Apr, 2019 (Australia/Sydney / UTC1000)
  • Where Capertee Valley, Glen Alice area
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Tayan Pic walk/climb on Sunday 14 April
Michael Keats has described Tayan Pic as a SPECTACULAR destination, which every walker should do at least once! The 360 degree circuit of features is mind-numbing.
But that you need to be fit and very determined.The top 100m vertical is basalt and tough on ankles.
From Michael's report:
"That perfect cone that looks so good from a distance is a real challenge when it comes to climbing. Each rock is critically poised at its friction limit. Tread on one that is not locked in by others and it moves. The good thing is that it does not avalanche; it just rolls to the next point where it rests..... The descent. Not so easy as the ascent. When going up, there is a wall of rock inches from your face. When going down there is a vast open space that goes on and on. Just concentrate! One foot firmly in front of the other and focus, and focus on the task. Just occasionally it is wise to look around and see where everyone is."
We'll allow 7 hours, start around 8.
You need to be a member of Capertee valley CaperteeValley Landcare
There may be a small group that will go slower and maybe not to the top.