Update for 2018

Committee for 2018 is Kerrie Cooke Alex Mateer Elizabeth McKay Julie Gibson Terrie Wallace Sam Ellis

Capertee River Tree Plantings

We planted 150 trees with individual tree guards to protect them from cattle along the Capertee River between Glen Davis and the bridge over the river at Threeways. They were planted to fill the gaps where there were no trees.

Water testing

For the past three years we have been testing the EC and pH of the river water at several locations. As well as carrying out testing for residents of their tank and bore water. The river has not been flowing  in these locations since last November.


We are republishing the Capertee Valley Map & Guide to birdwatching and replacing the 19 signs throughout the valley to which the guide refers.


We are forming a cooperative to share prickly pear eradication by organic means.


Plans include Pantoney's Crown in July and Pipeline Track in September as far as the Newnes Lookout.


We published Xmas Cards using views of the valley last year and now have blank cards available.