CHB Landcare meets on the first Thursday of each month at 1pm at the Surf Club. 2014 Green Team days: second Thursdays of Feb, April, July, Oct

Catherine Hill Bay Landcare (CHBLC) was formed to build, support and maintain native flora and fauna communities within the Catherine Hill Bay (CHB) area. This has a wide variety of vegetation communities ranging from complex coastal regions to a broad range of forest communities. Since the primarily long term land use was underground coal mining, there was associated tree felling and milling, 3 hamlets, a dam wall, a wetland area filled in and areas of coal stockpiling. So rehabilitating the total CHB environment is beyond the ability and resources of CHBLC. However there are obvious areas around the dunes, forests and recreational areas that will benefit greatly by consistent and focussed management.
This is a living plan and will be updated by the CHBLC Management Committee as required.

Significant Areas: surrounding the Surf Club; surrounding the Southern Car Park; Catherine Hill Bay Creek at the back of Lindsley Street; creeks crossing Flowers Dr, Middle Camp; Palm and Tea Tree Groves.; Area east of Cemetery; Dunes all along the Middle Camp Beach Front.

  • A Re-establish weed free dunal areas in mosaic process
  • B Regenerate native plant communities where resilience and diversity are poor.
  • C Re-establish hind dunes vegetation
  • D Re-establish coastal corridor for wildlife
  • E Maintain paddock fencing and previous work
  • F Protect palm and Teatree groves in Mine Camp and Middle Camp with a weed free barrier zone
  • G Re-establish creek banks with native plants


Plan as at April 2013:

Landcare Resource Centre : Vegetation Officer’s plant survey of CHB ; provide signage; produce promotional leaflet; provide plants; provide Green Team work

CHB Landcare volunteers to

  • Control weeds, prioritising waterways.
  • Plant endemic plant species in areas weed, where necessary.
  • Meet first Thursday of each month at 1pm at the Surf Club.
  • Continue organising EcoAngel, Clean Up Australia Day and Tree Day activities.
  • Submit and present documents to preserve the habitat in the Wallarah Peninsula.
  • Promote activities on, and Gateway
  • Liaise with CHB Surf Club re activities.
  • Engage local residents and visitors, Surf Club, schools and other community service groups to gain support and resources.
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