Coordinator Connections

As the Central West RLC, I've seen a bit of everything!

Coordinator Connections

As the Central West RLC, I've seen a bit of everything!

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The issue

As the Regional Landcare Coordinator role developed, the 2020-2021 financial year saw me add value to many different areas of the region. The Central West welcomed 3 brand new Local Coordinators with little NRM knowledge, BUT loads of passion and drive to see their communities best represented and local issues met with appropriate guidance and support. As the Local Coordinator roles developed, their committees also required support from the RLC. The role of the RLC is also to provide the important link between on-ground/grassroots volunteers to the State Level of governance and the NSW Landcare Program. It was a full year spent attending AGMs, being on job interview panels, reviewing Local Coordinator roles, attending strategic planning sessions and monthly RLC meetings - our own community of practice. Where we come together to share, learn and connect.

The solution

As the area I cover as an RLC is vast, I am often required to travel long distances to attend meetings on a frequent basis. And of course the multitude of online meetings as well! However online has its advantages - by not only cutting down on travel but providing a platform where meetings can be held quickly and efficiently at convenient times of the day that work around volunteer hours. Job interviews were conducted via my RLC Zoom account. This account allowed me to host sessions in excess of an hour. This meant the volunteers didn't have to worry about being cut off half way through a meeting! I facilitated many sessions, offered advice and support, often utilizing the skill set of the NSW Landcare program team manager, Natasha English and LLS program manager Julie Busuttil who would zoom in and chat to committee members to ask questions, gain clarification and to offer support..

The impact

New coordinators and committees felt more supported, they gained quick access to knowledge that was easy to ask for through the RLC role. Questions and queries I was unable to answer were easily sent to either the program team or Landcare NSW. Responses were then fed back to coordinators. This enabled them to get on with their on-ground activities. Time is a precious commodity for coordinators. This top-down, bottom-up approach has resulted in a more cohesive network of Local Coordinators in the region who feel connected and supported by their networks, which are only a phone call away. 

Key facts

  • The RLC role provides crucial support, knowledge and networking to the regions, Local Coordinators and committees.