Country Collaborations

Central West & Central Tablelands regions coming together to connect and build partnerships.

Country Collaborations

Central West & Central Tablelands regions coming together to connect and build partnerships.

Collaborations -


The issue

For the Central West to produce meaningful outcomes for our landscape, our community, and our region, coming together with our neighbours at Central Tablelands Landcare Network has proved that lasting relationships can be prosperous for all. The 2 regions have successfully come together 2 to 3 times a year with various areas of focus in mind but always to maintain, strengthen and support the relationship between each region. In February 2020 the Cross Regional event was held at Burrendong Sport & Recreation, near Wellington NSW - a central location with ample room to gather in groups, hold meetings & workshops. The gathering took place over two days and had a detailed agenda focusing on team building.

The solution

This gathering had a focus on 'introductions' due to the recent appointments of the new Regional Landcare Coordinators (RLC’s) - Mel Kiel in the Central West and Sharon Cunial in the Central Tablelands. We also had several new Local Coordinators on board and a brand new Regional Agricultural Landcare Facilitator for the Central West- Rohan Leach, complementing the experienced RALF in the Central Tablelands, Liz Davis. The second focus was 'team building'….as so many were new in their roles it was essential to get to know each other - our agenda allowed for time on the first morning to meet each other via some fun interactive games and 'get to know you' fun facts, where everybody learnt something new and maybe not predictable about their fellow colleagues. We also undertook team building activities, encouraging team bonding, strategizing, and working together in a friendly but feisty afternoon of competition between regions! Day 2 saw both regions spilt up allowing a more strategic approach to project planning. We also heard from our Local Land Service team members and worked on ways in which Landcare can positively collaborate and partner with LLS whilst leveraging the skills and support of the RALF.

The impact

Both regions gained much from engaging in a structured cross regional meet - it allowed for everybody to have input and express ideas, showcase their group, share knowledge and be involved in team building experiences. New friendships were made and old ones strengthened, partnerships formed and inspiration gathered. It is crucial to the ongoing success of the 2 regions that theses events are held throughout the year, the benefits and connections created are paramount to a strong and thriving Landcare network. Pooling resources from both Networks also allowed for a comprehensive and financially efficient event.      

Key facts

  • Effective collaboration:
  • allows targeted project development & planning
  • within Landcare & LLS allows greater partnerships
  • supports and connects individuals in the regions.
  • enhances regions, communities and landscapes.

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