Landcare Goulburn-Mulwaree Community is a strategic part of Community Voice’s activities for Hume and puts the environment at the heart of what it is does. The group is one of a number of Landcare groups in the area and we look forward to working with them all.

As a Landcare Group, Community Voice for Hume primary goals are to:- 1. promote healthy farmers and healthy gardeners. 2. improve the quality of the soil in order to boost its moisture holding ability and sequester carbon 3. promote Climate Resilience


The Soil Improvement Project, starting in Parkesbourne, is intended to reduce the need for chemicals and, over a period of 12 months, completely remove their use by improving the quality of the soil using Regenerative Farming practices.

The Grazing and Farming Group launched on 18th March 2021 - see the news item. The Grazing and Farming Group promotes the improvement of farming landscapes using regenerative/resilient farming methods.

The Grow Goulburn Mulwaree Farms and Gardens project launches two groups: a Grazing and Farming Group that welcomes all graziers and promotes regenerative/resilient practices and; a community in Goulburn Mulwaree made up of individual streets to promote sustainable gardens and biodiversity

Growing at Goulburn is a mighty project with a potential investment value of $16m that is planned to encompass:- 1,600 acres of farmland including vegetable growing, grazing, a diary and cheese making. 800 acres of biodiverse bushland to be preserved. A solar farm to supply power to the farm operation and beyond. A University Agriculture Hub.

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