Grazing and Farming Group

The Grazing and Farming Group launched on 18th March 2021 - see the news item. The Grazing and Farming Group promotes the improvement of farming landscapes using regenerative/resilient farming methods.

Our Vision

To have healthy, sustainable and profitable farms and farming families across Goulburn Mulwaree.

Our Mission

To promote the adoption of Regenerative Practices to help farmers in times of drought and rising temperatures; to improve the landscape and to build trust and expertise in the farming community so as to be able to cope with the changing conditions. 

Grazing Group Board Members:

Walter Jehne, Soil Microbiologist and Soil Hydrologist
Brent Jacobs, Research Director Institute for Sustainable Futures
Julia McKay, Senior Regenerative Agriculture Practitioner

Grazing Group Committee Members:

Robert Favaloro, Convenor 
Mike Steketee 
Stephen Roe