Grazing Group Feedback and Discussion

This learning process is new for all of us, so let's share our successes, failures, and issues for future meetings.

Outcomes of the Discussion on Topics for Future Group Events

Pasture management: including increasing biodiversity; vegetation that will grow in a warming climate; encouraging deep rooted perennials; pasture plant identification; groundcover; how to repair bare patches; carbon capture in pastures; managing and eliminating invasive species; and rotational/controlled grazing. 

Vegetation management: including biodiversity; vegetation that will grow in a warming climate; shelter belts; growing more trees; and managing and eliminating invasive species.

Soil health: including on site composting; soil improvement; the use of fertilizer; and role of fertilizer.

Landscape water management: including erosion control; soil hydration; how to capture/slow water; rainwater harvest; and regulations affecting Natural Sequence Farming (NSF).

Carbon: including carbon farming; carbon capture in pastures; and how to increase soil organic carbon (SOC) in horticultural systems.

Farm planning and rotations: including holistic management; rotations of vegetables, legumes, cattle grazing, and orchards as alleys; matching production with environmental outcomes; multispecies cover cropping for grazing and hay production; and multispecies crops.

The proposed calendar of events will be published shortly.