Growing at Goulburn Regenerative Farm, University Agriculture Hub and Solar Farm

Growing at Goulburn is a mighty project with a potential investment value of $16m that is planned to encompass:- 1,600 acres of farmland including vegetable growing, grazing, a diary and cheese making. 800 acres of biodiverse bushland to be preserved. A solar farm to supply power to the farm operation and beyond. A University Agriculture Hub.

Growing at Goulburn is working with Landcare Goulburn Mulwaree on its project, under the banner of its program:- Building Hume's Future Together" 

This very exciting and ground breaking project, that has the potential to show the way for other similar projects.

As well as being carbon neutral and beyond, it will deliver the following benefits to Goulburn Mulwaree and the surrounding areas:-

  • Increase the availability of high quality vegetables increasing food resilience in the face of the likes of COVID and climate threats
  • Employment opportunities, associated with the farm, diary, cheese-making, solar farm, University Hub
  • Economic boost associated with the above
  • Education for students and post graduates in Agricultural Science