Landcare Goulburn Mulwaree wins Smart Farms Grant

Community Voice for Hume, Wins Grant from Smart Farms Scheme! Its official! With a sum of money heading for CV4H's bank account, that is with the BDCU in Goulburn, the Landcare Grazing and Farming Group will be kicking off in earnest! The grant provides money to build the group through the following:-

1. Employing a Coordinator - an announcement is imminent!
2. Running a number of events to initiate discussion and action by group members to help improve their farming landscapes
3. Getting the word out to the wider farming community about the benefits of Regenerative Agriculture, not just to farmers but to the community

The group is led by Robert (RJ Favaloro), who heads up a growing team of farmers and others knowledgeable in progressive agronomy.

All those interested in being part of this group, can join by signing up for membership at:-

None of the above would have been possible with the huge help of the Upper Lanlan Grazing Group! So thanks to Ruth (Ruth Aveyard and Paul Hewitt). Ditto the members of CV4H who are part of our Landcare group.