Harvesting Water in Your Garden

Making the most of the water in your garden or block of land is always a s good idea, especially if there is a surfeit at times from run-off

As part of the garden sustainability component of the Grow Goulburn Mulwaree Gardens project, Landcare Goulburn Mulwaree (part of Community Voice for Hume) is trialing a new service at two properties who have significant water issues that include culverts emptying onto the their land as well as water that runs-off adjoining higher ground.

The service is based on the principal of turning a disadvantage into an advantage to the benefit of the land/garden and the environment. The service aligns with the "Model Garden" concept that underpins the idea of a sustainable garden and aims to work with the landholder/Garden owner to use the water to plant more biodiversity using mainly natives. This is intended to attract pollinators into the garden and land, as well as to create wildlife corridors.

Another objective is to spur growth in the work for those providing gardening services, landscape materials  and nurseries.

Some of the revenue from this service will go into the ongoing development of new services both free and chargeable to help landholders and gardeners hep themselves and the environment.

An announcement is due soon about an online service to support the model garden concept.