An environmental & community group in the inner southwest of Sydney, Australia, working to restore our river and connect our community

The CRVA is an environmental and community organisation whose members and supporters work independently and with like-minded groups to rehabilitate the waterway and parkland of the Cooks River and to improve the quality of life of the people who live in the valley.

Principal ongoing activities include:
- River and stormwater water quality monitoring and reporting,
- Management of the CooksEye pollution reporting program,
- Supporting regular revegetation and clean-up activities by our affiliated groups: the Mudcrabs - Cooks River Eco-volunteers, and the Friends of Ewen Park,
- Lobbying elected officials and government agencies to improve the health, safety, cleanliness and amenity of the river and its foreshore open space, 
- Spreading information and facilitating community involvement through workshops, forums, etc.
- Partnership with other community groups and government organisations to achieve common aims.

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