The Coon Island Management Board commenced work in 1991, with members of the Board forming a Landcare group to specifically manage natural areas of the site.


Team Leader Keith Graham and his team work every Tuesday on the Coon Island site. The group completes around 80 hours of work per month. They list their greatest achievements as transforming a degraded area into a beautiful passive recreation area for public use for picnics, walks, fishing and other activities, as well as their impact on the increased health of Lake Macquarie after reducing run-off and stabilising banks through the planting of more than 1000 native trees.
The Coon Island Management Board follow the recommendations of a Management Plan undertaken with Lake Macquarie City Council (LMCC) in 2002. Council has also supported the Management Board (in it’s capacity as a Committee of Council under the NSW Local Government Act 1993 sec 355) with the maintenance regime for this site, appreciating the efforts of the board to maintain the parkland area by mowing and removing rubbish.
Coon Island Management Board Landcare group list their greatest challenges as control of weeds, in particular Lantana, Bitou Bush,
and Morning Glory, as well as the maintenance of their site due to high public visitation rates within the fragile wetland.


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