Comedy festival outback shows

Coonamble , Tooraweenah comedy time. Finally.

Comedy festival outback shows

Coonamble , Tooraweenah comedy time. Finally.

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The issue

During the drought we were approached by community members regarding mental health and wellbeing so it was decided that we would hold 3 comedy festivals for a feel good, have a laugh socialize with family, friends again and to get out to think about something else. So, the first comedy festival was held at Armatree in 2019 and was a huge success.

Then unfortunately covid hit so the other 2 festivals had to be put on hold.

The solution

It was a challenge sourcing comedians and funding, but we got to work and secured FRRR funding to hold these events. During the impact of covid and being in lockdown and no travel from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane with job security and employment conditions the comedians were so grateful and jumped at the opportunity to come out west and perform in front of some very excited small communities.

We wanted to support local as much as we could for these events as they have and continue with daily challenges. We held the 2nd festival in Coonamble on Friday 28th October 2022 at the local bowling club who provided a great venue for the performers and served up a delicious finger food meal. We engaged local businesses, motels, PA system business and had lucky door prizes from a local craft shop.

Then the next night Saturday 29th October 2022 we held our 3rd and last comedy festival at the Tooraweenah war memorial hall, a smaller community who were extremely excited to be having this event coming to their township. The hall committee provided a beautiful meal being casseroles and slices which were all homemade. Yummo, the best meal was the vote from the comedians, and guests.!! Lucky door prizes were provided from local businesses.

Flyers were placed around town and local newspapers and social media were used to promote the events in each community.

The impact

Wow wow wow, was the feeling after these 2 events. The local communities had a wonderful evening and were well entertained by all reports and feedback was so positive, much enthusiasm and how it was so worth waiting for as the last few years has and still is a challenge with covid, mother nature, rain and flooding. The comedians were fantastic so much laughter and fun was had by all. In Coonamble 72 people attended and Tooraweenah had 68 which was a full house in their hall, such a great effort as all community supported these events, a comment was made if we don't support local events, we miss out on having very talented professionals attend these small communities and come out to the rural areas.

It was a great feel-good night at both towns.  So good for everyone's mental health and wellbeing and to go out and connect with friends and family and your local community. Everyone was most thankful to Coonamble Landcare for coordinating these very much needed events after having to wait 2 years for them to happen.

Key facts

  • Huge boost to small community.
  • Mental health, wellbeing.
  • Support small business.
  • Would do it all again

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