Coonamble Ag Field Day

Supporting community events to grow the local Ag sector

Coonamble Ag Field Day

Supporting community events to grow the local Ag sector

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The issue

Coonamble economically is solely reliant on the Agricultural sector, as such a group of community members felt that an Agricultural Field Day was missing.  This event was lead by the Coonamble Rural Transaction Centre with the support of a variety of community organisations.  Many new and innovative agricultural products were on displayed.  A major challenge the Coonamble Environment Group had was being a relevant organisation providing the support the community required.  The day was a brilliant opportunity for engaging directly with the local Coonamble farming and general community regarding the principles of the Landcare movement and what it can do for them.

The solution

Our stall was varied, with a number of items to prompt discussion, such as weed and native grass samples, weed and native plant id books, a display of locally-grown fresh produce, and photos of previous local activities. The stall was attended/manned by the then newly-appointed Local Landcare Coordinator and the Landcare Support Officer. The day proved to be a great opportunity for introducing the new LLC role to the community and to discuss potential projects and activity ideas with the community based on their interests and needs.The event provided the perfect platform for the attending officers to obtain input attendees at the field day to put forward ideas and suggestions for the group to undertake as future projects.

The impact

A much needed outline was developed for the suggestions and feedback provided by the attendees at the event who engaged with the Local Landcare Coordinator. There was also a substantial increase in the mailing list numbers.

Key facts

  • The importance of being involved with community events is immeasurable.