Getting through the Dry

Planning for how to survive the predicted continue dry times in the area

Getting through the Dry

Planning for how to survive the predicted continue dry times in the area

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The issue

The continuing dry season/s has been causing many issues for farmers, farming families and the broader community as Coonamble Shire is solely reliant on the agricultural sector.  The early rain  in March/April encouraged farmers to sew crops with no followup rain these amounted to little.  The majority were grazed with a very few being harvested, the reports from agronomists indicated there was an added insect burden for the crops as these were the only green in the area, increasing production costs without receiving yield. 

Through the Coonamble Rural Support Services Network it was identified that an event that provided farmers with information and the chance to get off farm and away from the daily grind was needed to support local farmers.

The solution

A partnership was formed with AgnVet, Rural Adversity Mental Health Program, Department of Primary Industries Rural Resilience Program, Central West Rural Financial Counselling Service, Central West Local Lands Service, Country Womens Association Coonamble Evening Group and Coonamble District Landcare to provide a workshop that was both informative and a social outing for farmers.

The impact

The format of the morning was guest speakers with expert knowledge in their field provided attendees with valuable information which has the potential to change their farming practices going forward. A delicious morning tea was provided by the CWA which encouraged social connection for all.  At the end of the morning attendees completed a survey with 99% saying that they would change some part of what they were currently doing.  

Key facts

  • Continued feeding of stock with the same feed supplements need to be carefully monitored over the longer term
  • Soil care is very important in dry times as how it is treated during the dry is how it will respond when it rains
  • Good food and a friendly atmosphere provide good relief for people during difficult times

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