Macquarie Marshes Field Day 2023

Paradise In Our Backyard.

Macquarie Marshes Field Day 2023

Paradise In Our Backyard.

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The issue

During the last few years after much environmental stress from the trying climatic changes that communities have endure, it was with much enthusiasm that we try and do something positive and rewarding in our local small towns, and to get out and about to enjoy the natural beauty.

The solution

In early 2022 Coonamble Landcare was successful in securing funding from BCT, this was very timely as it had flooded and the feel from locals was to hold a field day at the Macquarie Marshes, to witness, enjoy and learn about the natural beauty when at its best.

Tim Hosking senior wetlands conservation officer coordinated the day and shared his wealth of knowledge with us all. Tiffany Mason and Thomas Munro from BCT gave input during the day. 30 people attended and enjoyed the picturesque landscape, birdlife, waterways, vegetation seeing everything in its natural habitat.

The impact

Due to the number of photos and cameras clicking all day long, it was a sign that everyone had an amazing memorable, learning experience. Such a positive feel-good day was had after drought, covid, flooding to come together with local community members and be informed about the Macquarie Marshes for the day was a special treat for all who attended the day.

Key facts

  • Engaging with community.
  • Experiencing natural beauty around us.
  • Supporting local small business.