Working dog training schools.

Man/women and best friend working dog school.

Working dog training schools.

Man/women and best friend working dog school.

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The issue

Due to the last few years with covid and flooding it was put on hold coordinating working dog training day schools. The local community wanted to hold these in 3 different areas of interest. Being extremely wet it was very challenging to find an appropriate location to hold these days.

The solution

Finally, the weather was in our favor, and we could hold these 3 working dog schools in dry areas on farms locally.

The 1st was at Quambone, 2nd was at Coonamble and 3rd at Tooraweenah. These days were very well supported, and we had about 40 people attend over the 3 days as well as spectators watching and getting a few new tips as well.

Garry White from Nyngan was our very talented trainer over the 3 days. He is amazing and extremely patient as working with dogs can be a challenge!!!

We used a local small business for catering, which was very much appreciated, and the food was delicious.

The impact

These days were very well received, and everyone had a great time learning, making new friends and enjoying the common interest. Having a very engaging instructor helped to keep the day running very smoothly.

A comment was made I wished I had of done one of these dog school days 20 years ago. Seeing men/women and his/her best friend working magic together was very uplifting for everyone involved.

The groups have asked if we can hold the next session of training, so we will try and secure some funding to hold more in the spring.

Key facts

  • Man/women and best friend working magic together.
  • Local community engagement.
  • Supporting local.