a 355c Committee of Port Stephens Council


  • Work as a friendly group,always with a cuppa and chat afterwards
  • Control weeds and mulch gardens and additional plantings at our 5 Corlette foreshore reserves
  • Developing in stages, a wildlife corridor from Kingfisher Reserve to Lorikeet Reserve, via the Yawl-Helm Detention Basin by tree planting on National Tree Days and other planting days throughout the year.
  • Support a Bush Regeneration Landcare group Baggies Bush Regen who work on alternate Wednesdays along the Bartlett Cycleway
  • Clean up litter and keep our reserves and roadsides tidy on a regular basis
  • Paint all our benches each year and report damaged ones to Council for repair
  • Replant gardens with native species and develop new gardens in consultation with Council staff
  • Apply for grants for specific projects, eg, small environmental, bike racks, seats, tap/shower, tap/bubbler
  • Lobby Council for major work to be done, eg, Conroy Park Bank erosion, improvements to carparks, playgrounds and amenities.
  • Enjoy informal social BBQs or twilight Cheese n biscuits
  • Regular working bees are held, usually for 2 hours at different locations and times depending on the season and project andgenerally held on alternate Mondays at 9 am or 4 pm daylight saving. Notification and regular updates sent via email.
  • We are supported by Port Stephens Council with equipment, advice, training and insurance.

Photo courtesy Port Stephens Examiner

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