Community Capacity & Engagement in Landcare

Sustainable agriculture & natural resource management, capacity building

Community Capacity & Engagement in Landcare

Sustainable agriculture & natural resource management, capacity building

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The issue

Corowa District Landcare Inc. (CDL) is a not-for-profit community organisation engaging in Landcare activities in the NSW Federation Council area, which covers an area of approx. 568,000ha. Our vision is to improve the health of our agricultural systems, the environment and biodiversity in the Corowa and surrounding districts. Our mission is to build community capacity and support local groups engaging in Landcare activities by working with our community to help educate and raise awareness of sustainable agriculture and natural resource practices.  CDL’s main objective is to address natural resource management & agricultural issues & solutions in our local region through increased community awareness, knowledge, participation and partnerships.

The solution

Since the commencement of the LLCI program, the Local Landcare Coordinator (LLC) has enabled the CDL Group to be successful in assisting in finding/applying for funding to support Landcare activities to build capacity in the local region & to set up many partnership programs. Some of these programs include; establishing an ongoing Junior Landcare Program & Traditional Ecological Knowledge workshops involving 10 local primary schools & 2 high schools, establishing livestock producer groups & producer information workshops, conducting adapting to climate change information workshops, Corowa Community Gardens sustainable agriculture information workshops, supporting small groups & communities in land management workshops, hosting a regional community renewable energy forum, providing revegetation funding for local landholders & on ground working/planting days. The LLC constructs a monthly newsletter which includes the promotion of local/regional Landcare groups events, news stories and current funding opportunities.  The LLC is also a Landcare point of contact for local groups & community members.

The impact

  • Corowa District Landcare have involved the community, volunteers and schools in over a dozen planting and working days, restoring woodlands and wetlands.
  • Through the Junior Landcare Program, Traditional Ecological Knowledge project and partnership with Petaurus Educational Group, have involved over 500 students in NRM, cultural awareness & sustainable agricultural activities.
  • Partnered with Murray Local Land Services; grants for native vegetation corridors to Landholders, resulting in over 450ha of native vegetation planted & managed. 
  • Supporting the Corowa Community Gardens, with over 50 volunteers engaged in growing sustainable vegetables.
  • Partnering in trialing native grasses for cultivation, grazing and revegetation projects.
  • Delivered/partnered in approximately 90 NRM, Sustainable Ag & livestock production event/workshops/information sessions over 3 years engaging over 4000 people.

Key facts

  • Over 450ha of native vegetation managed
  • Over 4000 local community members engaged in Landcare activities
  • 90 capacity building events
  • Over 40 partnerships with government & non government organisations
  • Supporting 22 community groups & schools

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