Friends of River Street Wetlands Collaborate

Geocachers and Friends of River Street Wetlands Collaborate for Wetland Wellbeing

Friends of River Street Wetlands Collaborate

Geocachers and Friends of River Street Wetlands Collaborate for Wetland Wellbeing

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The issue

A major clean-up was required after the flood events of late 2022 at the River Street Wetlands.  These floods resulted in large amounts of rubbish, including items such as chairs and tables, being washed into the wetlands. River Street Wetlands is a reserve for wildlife and is open to the local community with walking and bike trails nearby. The Corowa District Landcare Group and Friends of River Street Wetlands have been the key drivers behind improving this urban wetland that has historically served as a stormwater retention catchment.

The solution

The Friends of River Street Wetlands was formed in January 2023 to ensure community ownership and effective maintenance of the site. Whilst regular working bees are held, the flood event called for more hands.

Geocaching is an outdoor recreational activity, in which participants hide and seek containers, called "geocaches" or "caches", at specific locations marked by coordinates all over the world.

During Easter 2023, a Geocaching Mega Event was held in Rutherglen, with over 500 geocachers from all around Australia, and some from overseas in attendance. This event was organised by local geocachers in conjunction with Indigo Shire.

As part of the Mega Event a Cache-In Trash-Out (CITO) event was organised at the River Street Wetlands. The aim of CITO events are to coordinate activities such as rubbish pickup and other maintenance tasks (such as constructing footpaths, planting trees and removing invasive species) to improve the environment. Geocachers like to give back to the environment and local communities. 

The impact

On Easter Tuesday, 74 geocachers visited our wetlands! A team of volunteers from the Friends of River Street Wetlands assisted with the event and directed the geocachers to activities that needed to be undertaken, and shared their knowledge about the site. The geocachers collected rubbish and undertook weeding. As a large group of volunteers who are willing to assist with environmental management, it is hoped that they will be keen to participate in future events, such as tree planting, when they next visit.

Key facts

  • The River Street Wetlands is important habitat for the endangered Sloane's Froglet.
  • A major clean up of the wetlands was needed after the 2022 flood event.
  • 74 geocachers from Australia and overseas volunteered to help with the clean up and maintenance.

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