Moving Forward with Incorporation

Governance, Partnerships, Capacity building

Moving Forward with Incorporation

Governance, Partnerships, Capacity building

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The issue

For the past 20 years Corowa District Landcare had operated as a Section 355 Sub- Committee of Corowa Shire Council.  This has meant that Corowa District Landcare had been supported by Council in areas including administration, finances, employment and insurances.  This partnership had been of immeasurable value to both groups.  Corowa District Landcare and the Corowa Council (now Federation Council) have now moved into a time of great change, which presents both opportunities and challenges.  Whilst Corowa District Landcare is committed to continuing a strong and vibrant partnership with Federation Council, the time had come where governance arrangements needed to be altered to better meet the needs of the Landcare group going forward.

The solution

Corowa District Landcare was approved as an incorporated body in April 2016 and became a fully independent body by 30th June 2016.  As part of this process, Corowa District Landcare Inc. formed a partnership with Petaurus Educational Group, to contract a bookkeeper and for advice on financial and governance management issues.

Corowa District Landcare's value has  been recognised by Federation Council, with the Council giving financial and in-kind support to Corowa District Landcare Inc. as they move forward as an independent association, which shows the continuing strength of the partnership between the two.

Corowa District Landcare Inc. also has a continuing strong partnership with Murray Local Land Services.  Through funding from the Australian Government under the National Landcare Programme, Corowa District Landcare Inc. assists MLLS to deliver NRM, sustainable agriculture, biosecurity and emergency management services in the Murray Region.

Corowa's Local Landcare Coordinator was appointed in 2016 to help build and support landcare and community networks across the region.  This  initiative is NSW Government funded and is jointly managed by Local Land Services and Landcare NSW.

The impact

These strong partnerships allow Corowa District Landcare Inc. to continue to help improve local agricultural systems, the environment and biodiversity in the Corowa and surrounding districts. This has been achieved by engaging and empowering people to actively participate in sustainable natural resource and land management through increased understanding, opportunities and access to resources.

Key facts

  • The importance of strong partnerships
  • Capacity Building for Corowa District Landcare
  • Building strong governance

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