Crab’s Beach Landcare Group was formed in 2003 led by Noel and Janice Mathews after local residents became concerned about the state of the environment on Crab’s Beach. Noel and Janice have since moved on, but Crab’s Beach Landcare group is still going strong.


The group’s key objective is maintenance of the dunal system. Crab’s Beach Landcare Group are proud of their achievements and are consistently praised for their efforts by visitors to the area. The array of native bird species and other fauna, such as echidnas, that they regularly encounter on site motivates them further to continue with their valuable work.
The 2005 Crabs Beach Landcare project involved the rehabilitation of a dune blow-out, construction of a whale watching platform to provide an alternative viewing area for visitors, and provision of access to the beach that minimised damage to the dunal system and the midden site contained within the dune. The pathway, a Bicentennial project, was also refurbished, an intensive Bitou Bush removal project was undertaken together with replanting of native species, and fencing was erected or replaced to manage access to the beach.

The Crab’s Beach project involved the Aboriginal community to ensure a successful project outcome without compromising Aboriginal heritage values.

Crabs beach Landcare planted Lomandra longifolia in 2005 to stabilise the dunal system.



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