Work in Currawong Road Aboriginal Area


Natural & Cultural Heritage
  • Site contains Aboriginal rock engravings (Koettig, 1996).
  • Soil derived from Hawkesbury Sandstone
  • Vegetation community F: Narrow-leaved Scribbly Gum Woodland
Conservation Status
  • Area contains Aboriginal rock engravings and is a protected site of cultural significance.
Condition / Impacts
  • The overall bushland is in good condition. There is weed infestation from stormwater impacts along the drainage line coming off Berowra Waters Road. This area is in fair condition
  • Engravings have become partially covered by the spread of moss and heath vegetation at the edge with the bushland.
Overall Condition
  • Good

Main Weeds
  • Large-leaved privet, Whiskey grass, exotic grasses



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