Rainforest Site Visits

Photos of rainforest site visits
Billy's Creek Billy's Creek

On a recent visit to a property at Billy's Creek, where fencing is installed for strip grazing, and tree corridors have been planted to protect the creek and connect the forest with eroded gullies on the grazing land.

Yellowbank Creek bed Yellowbank Creek bed

Learning about natural regen along Yellowbank Creek can help us decide what and how to plant on damaged riparian zones.

Billys Creek forest Billys Creek forest

When the leaves are too high to see, we can use characteristics of bark, trunk, and roots to help with identification.

Rocky Creek regen gully Rocky Creek regen gully

This spring-fed gully on Rocky Creek Rd has been cleared of some small-leafed privet along the edges.

Rocky Creek gully Rocky Creek gully

Mature pioneer species like Calicoma dominate this rainforest gully, allowing natural regen of rainforest species underneath.

Black Apple at Whiskey Ck Black Apple at Whiskey Ck

Old rainforest trees are a treasure, even out in the cleared land. This Black Apple is covered in ripening fruit, seed for the next generations of trees.