Work at Kiparra Park, the summit area of Dangar Island


Natural & Cultural Heritage
  • Site contains Aboriginal artifacts including rock engravings, tree axe markings and middens (Koettig, 1996)
  • Riverview Avenue surrounding the site is regarded as being of local conservation significance
  • Communtiy Q2: Blackbutt – Rough-barked Apple Forest in Kiparra Park is regarded as being of regional conservation significance
  • Soil derived from Hawkesbury Sandstone and Narrabeen sediments
Conservation Status
  • Site contains areas and items of Aboriginal cultural significance.
  • A local heritage listing exists on the Riverview Avenue road reserve.
  • Kiparra Park Bushland is of regional significance, defining the Island’s character and conserving indigenous Blackbutt – Roughbarked Apple Forest (Community Q2) which is regionally significant.
  • Locally significant species for Hornsby Shire present in the reserve are Wikstroemia indica, Platylobium formosum ssp. Formosum and Cassinia longifolia.
Condition / Impacts
  • This bushland reserve contains healthy core bushland with good structural diversity Weed infestation is confined to garden escapees on the outer perimeter adjacent residential properties to the north-east of the Park.
  • The bushland is in generally good condition and preserves and attractive array of Smooth and Rough barked Angophoras,Bloodwoods, Forest Sheoaks, Blueberry Ash, Monotoca and Grass Trees as well as wildflowers and grasses, with exposed rock and sandstone ledges throughout. The Park occupies the summit of the Island and is well protected from impacts due to urban stormwater and / or septic runoff.
  • Some minor encroachments and a few small tracks exist.
Main Weeds
  • Lantana, Asparagus fern, Ochna, Ehrharta, Senna
Overall Condition
  • Good



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