Birds in the Bush

Field day with hands on learning building habitat for endangered birds.

Birds in the Bush

Field day with hands on learning building habitat for endangered birds.

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The issue

Drought and Bushfire have contributed to the continuing loss of habitat for native birds and animals. Knowledge and skill building in Endangered Species Identification, Native Plant Identification including habitat species, Seed Collection, Storage and Propagation were seen as important tools for increasing habitat for Endangered and other birds and animals.

The solution

A workshop was held in partnership with Local Land Services, Bilby Blooms Native Nursery and Dunedoo Coolah Landcare. LLS provided a speaker and resources on endangered birds and habitat species as well as funding for the workshop, Landcare coordinated and promoted the workshop and Bilby Blooms provided a knowledgeable speaker, hands on learning activities and a fantastic venue for the workshop in the large native nursery with extensive native gardens. Twenty Five participants attended the workshop and showed great interest on the day as well as interest in propagating native species and developing habitat areas on their properties.

The impact

Participants learnt to identify the Regent Honeyeater and Glossy Black Cockatoo as well as their preferred food and shelter plant species and locations.

A guided tour of the Bilby Blooms property and workshop activities enabled hands on identification of native plant species including trees, shrubs and grasses. Propagation and Seed Collection techniques were demonstrated and a range of relative resources and books were made available to participants.


Participants were keen to collect seed and build bird habitat on their properties. They were made aware of endangered bird species and keen to spot some in the wild.

Key facts

  • Workshop taught identification of Regent Honeyeater and Glossy Black Cockatoo
  • Participants learnt about habitat and food species for endangered birds
  • Participants learnt how to collect, store and propagate native habitat species.