Dunedoo Seed Library

Dunedoo Landcare in partnership with Macquarie Regional Library, Dunedoo Branch have developed a Seed Library.

Dunedoo Seed Library

Dunedoo Landcare in partnership with Macquarie Regional Library, Dunedoo Branch have developed a Seed Library.

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The issue

With drought and bushfires ravaging the land from 2017 to 2020, concern was expressed about habitat regeneration and native seed availability. With the onset of COVID, people sought vegetable seed to grow their own food. There was no open pollinated seed available in the Dunedoo area and very little other seed as people panic bought all available seed. Food sovereignty was identified as an issue in the local area, as well as the need to be able to access open pollinated (non hybrid) seeds.

The solution

Funding was received through the Community Underwriting and Landcare NSW Disaster Recovery Funding. A partnership was developed with Macquarie Regional Library who agreed to host and support the Seed Library, as well as providing some promotion and Graphic Design services. A start up pack of open pollinated vegetable and herb seeds was purchased and native seed collected from local seed collectors. A keen volunteer agreed to manage seed stocks on an ongoing basis and Dunedoo Landcare and the library will maintain promotion of the Seed Library.

The impact

Over 80 varieties of seeds have been collected and are housed in the Library. Fifteen local residents joined the Seed Library at the launch in Dunedoo on the 18th May 2021. Local school and TAFE Horticulture students also attended the launch and took home seeds to plant.

Previous workshops on seed collection and propagation held locally supported the development of the seed library and gave hands on experience to participants on identifying native species, seed collection and storage and native plant propagation. A focus on building awareness and restoring habitat for endangered birds was built into the workshop.

The Seed Library houses collections of open pollinated vegetable and herb seeds as well as native seeds collected in the local area and some flower seeds. Members can 'borrow' seeds and 'return' seeds they have collected. Simple, easy to follow instructions have been developed to support growing and seed collecting. These resources are backed up with an extensive range of gardening resources available in the library. It is hoped the Seed Library will expand to cover all Macquarie Regional Library sites across the area and will build a community of seed collectors in the area, preserving open pollinated and native seeds from the local area.

Key facts

  • A Seed Library has been established in Dunedoo.
  • The Seed Library has resources to build knowledge of growing plants and collecting seeds.
  • Native seeds are available at the Seed Library.
  • Macquarie Regional Library and Dunedoo Landcare work in partnership to house and maintain the Seed Library.