Worst of the Weeds are on their Way Out

Prickly pear eradication

A huge thank you to the 8 busy 'bees' for a fabulous amount of work done and great results on the morning of 1 March 2017 at the Dungog common. We had a most successful working bee where we attacked and did battle with prickly pear. Two car trailers and a ute load later the area close to the reservoir on the hill is now cleared of this insidious plant. Of course there will be follow up work to do to eradicate any tiny pieces we missed. Special thanks to Jann, Marion, Ros & Kev for disposing of the beast.

Giving due respect to the pear!


Jann and Ros ventured way over the north side a few days later to locate and deal with another patch of prickly pear. What a nasty little piece of works it was too!!! Not satisfied with just being easy to get at on ground level this one had decided to climb the old ironbark tree it was near! We did battle AND guess who won? Hacked it to pieces and now spread out on black poly and a sheet of corro to dry and die!!!

Prickly pear wedged in an ironbark tree. Prickly pear -- a slow death.