Revitalising the area along Ruins Creek

The LLS Lower Hunter Biodiversity Program 2016 - Dungog Common will commence early in March 2016 and be a great boost to actions already being undertaken at the common to increase biodiversity, to make the common more attractive for locals and visitors alike and to see the use of the common enhanced for casual walking , mountain biking and horse riding.

This work constitutes a Biodiversity Project funded through Local Land Services and on March 9 and 10 2016 Better Earth teams  along with the current Green Army team will commence work. The aim is to remove such woody plants as African olive, small and large leafed privet, camphor laurel, blackberry and lantana followed by planting of native species which will aid in future erosion along the creek plus provide a good habitat for avian fauna. The project area is approximately 3.5 ha and stretches along the edges of Ruins creek (approx 25 metres each side). Some fencing will be erected to protect  the planned tubestock which will assist in future erosion of the creek banks.