Improving genetic flow between Lismore koala populations 2013 - 2016 – Lismore City Council (EnviTE Administrator)

NSW Environmental Trust

Fragmentation of koala habitat isolates populations, impedes gene flow and reduces recruitment. Koalas need to move across the landscape for effective dispersal of sub adult koalas between breeding populations. This maintains genetic diversity and can lead to re-establishment of populations where they have died out. In partnership with landholders, industry and community, this project will rehabilitate koala habitats and corridors through bush regeneration works to control weeds which limit koala movement and facilitate regeneration of koala habitat. Strategic revegetation will improve linkages between genetically different north and south Lismore LGA koala populations contributing to increased viability. Awareness and capacity to implement practical actions which conserve and expand koala habitat will be increased through field days and media promotions.