Restoration of Jali Seven Mile Beach Heath and Wetland Stage 2 2012 – 2014 Jali Local Aboriginal Land Council EnviTE Administrator

NSW Environmental Trust

The project continues to restore and protect (~290ha) of high conservation value Wet and Wallum Heath and SEPP14 Wetland at Seven Mile Beach north of Lennox Head. The land is held by Jali Local Aboriginal Land Council.  EnviTE trainers and bush regenerators have been working with the Jali community to provide them with skills necessary to manage their land into the future. Accredited training in Conservation and Land Management (CLM 2/3) has or is being provided and the restoration crew has made excellent progress restoring the site. Further funding will allow an extension of works into areas not previously worked. It is intended that this area receive an 'ecological burn' to promote regeneration within an area 'locked up' by exotic and naturalised native grasses (from the original dump site).