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Bringing the classroom to the coast

Back to school

Bringing the classroom to the coast

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The issue

Many Landcare groups in the Eurobodalla have identified, through an online survey, that the main issue impacting their ability to conduct landcare activities is a lack of volunteers and/or time.

Additionally, there is a distinct lack of assistance from youth groups and young or working families. Eurobodalla Shire has a lower proportion of young workers and a higher proportion of persons at post retirement age than average Regional NSW in 2011 -

The solution

Eurobodalla Landcare Network (ELN) has joined forces with Eurobodalla Shire Council as participants in the Schools Working Group.

The group meets annually to plan environmental events and activities that can be aligned with the NSW school curriculum.

With 11 primary schools and 4 high schools in the shire there are many opportunities for school students to assist local Landcare groups with on ground activities such as weed control and planting as well as educational events. The energy and assistance of youth is both helpful and enjoyable for Landcare volunteers.

ELN have also been working with TAFE Illawarra (Moruya campus) and Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) to garner assistance with Landcare activities with both institutions participating with Landcare group working bees over the last 6 months.

The impact

A problem shared is a problem halved! Eurobodalla Landcare groups across the Shire have benefitted from the youth, enthusiasm and energy of the school students who have assisted with weed control, planting and litter collection at Landcare working bees.

Additionally, the students have been able to learn from the volunteers and spread the message of local Landcare.

Key facts

  • Annual meeting of Schools Working Group
  • 15 local schools and with local TAFE and CIT
  • Recent field day with over 100 teachers in attendance
  • Integrating Landcare activities with school curriculum

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