Eurobodalla Intrepid Landcare

Young legends, teens to thirties, connecting with each other and their environment

Eurobodalla Intrepid Landcare

Young legends, teens to thirties, connecting with each other and their environment

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The issue

Eurobodalla Landcare Network is a strong umbrella group that supports 28 local Landcare groups, many of which meet monthly to tackle environmental issues in their local area. The problem is... where are all the young folks?

The regular monthly scheduled working bee model has been a little hard for the younger generation to commit to, busy with weekend sports, work and young families. We knew that the next generation of Landcarers was out there but finding the projects that appeal to and connect them with our already strong community of seasoned Landcarers, and keeping them turning up, was something we hadn't been able to focus much attention on. We needed some young Landcarers who were keen to foster what Eurobodalla Landcare already does well, and help improve it, so that it became more appealing for themselves and others in the same boat.

The solution

A collective of young legend Landcarers found each other at a Local Leaders program and developed a project which led to them applying to the local Council for a Community Events Grant. This $2000 grant would enable them to host their first event.

In their planning they spent a lot of time working with the existing Landcare network, agency staff, First Nations land managers and other young people... so that they could come up with an event that had a wide appeal that had a strong influence and would set the tone for how they wanted to manage the work they commit to in the future.

They developed a mailing list from other local youth-focused events and set up an Instagram site, building their community so that they could operate on an 'as needs' basis. 

The impact

Working with Muladha Gamara cultural services the launch of Eurobodalla Intrepid Landcare group was held in May 2023. The group was welcomed to Walbunja Country with a smoking ceremony and a backdrop of breaching dolphins at beautiful Wimbie Beach. Participants searched for bushfoods and traditional medicine to bring back to the group, sharing their knowledge with each other and learning about Indigenous Land Management and methodologies from Yuin men Jordan Nye, Michael Withers and Zac Visser.

This initial event has connected our Intrepid volunteers with each other, their environment and their commitment to understanding and incorporating First Nation's culture to the work they do across the Eurobodalla. 

Their future focus is tapping into existing events, value adding to local environmental programs and hosting mini eco adventures. At present, there isn't a plan to have regular times or locations for upcoming events, which takes some pressure off having to have a group Coordinator. Watch this space! and follow @eurobodallaintrepid on Instagram.

Key facts

  • Eurobodalla Landcare has a strong network of 28 groups, however, there aren't many young people involved under the current regular working bee model
  • We asked young Landcarers to step-up and develop a group that appeals to them
  • Eurobodalla intrepid was born!