Landcare Roadshow

Making it easier for Landcare to 'Hit the road'

Landcare Roadshow

Making it easier for Landcare to 'Hit the road'

Taking Action -


The issue

Landcare groups in the Eurobodalla are spread across over 100kms of coastline and west into the Deua Valley. The groups often require the use of resources to use at their monthly working bees or at one off educational events and/or field days. Landcare volunteers or the Landcare Coordinator have been required to load and transport these materials - often at short notice over vast distances. Storing and transporting materials could be difficult so as to allow equal and convenient access to all of the user groups and the end displays were often disparate or missing essential materials.

The solution

A custom built trailer was designed and built through Landcares partnership with Eurobodalla Shire Councils apprentice scheme. This trailer was designed to be able to act as a 'One stop shop' for Landcare activities - one half opening as an educational display holding display materials, pamphlets, whiteboards and a solar generated Smart TV. The other side is able to be used to store tools, transport weeds and waste and can even fit a BBQ. The materials are all able to be left in the trailer for safe and easy storage and for easy collection by Landcare groups for their individual activities.

The impact

Our previous arrangement before the trailer required a lot of 'to and fro' with materials being stored in a range of locations. This was both time consuming to arrange, often restrictive due to access issues with the storage location and the end result wasn't always professional (i.e., the displays would vary in their serviceability and appeal especially if materials were inadvertently left behind). The versatility of the trailer allows our educational products to keep dry and protected whilst also allowing the trailer to be used for hard yakka - and the end result is that Eurobodalla Landcare has a professional, effective and efficient display to share with the wider community.

Key facts

  • We wanted to offer a practical and professional solution to the difficulties of sharing materials and trying to spread the Landcare message
  • The trailer was built using Landcare grant funds and volunteer labour from ESC apprentices
  • Eurobodalla Landcare now look the part when we run events and all groups have easy access to book and use the trailer

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