Longevity in Landcare

Recognising the commitment from South Durras Landcare for their achievements over the past 3 decades

Longevity in Landcare

Recognising the commitment from South Durras Landcare for their achievements over the past 3 decades

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The issue

Severe coastal erosion, weed and feral animal presence and littering prompted the south Durras Landcare group to form in the late 80's. The group are composed of community representatives bringing with them a range of skills that, combined, has helped them to maintain momentum over 30 years to tackle environmental issues such as; - invasive species control (pest animals and weeds), protecting native flora and fauna, illegal clearing, littering, access consolidation, erosion control, fencing, revegetation, training and community education.

The solution

The group formed in the late 80s to tackle coastal erosion through the then 'dune reclamation scheme'. Their first project involved extensive reshaping and revegetation of the foredune over several kilometres of coastline. And since then, through fine leadership, a variety of engagement and communication methods and sheer determination they have addressed a wide variety of environmental (and community) issues with great success.

They have helped to build and maintain well used infrastructure such as the South Durras whale watching platform, Cookies Beach viewing platform, Durras headland recreational fishing access stairway and viewing platform and the South Durras shared walkway - all of which contribute to the public amenity, tourist attraction and environmental protection of this beautiful area.

South Durras Landcares commitment and success has been celebrated and acknowledged winning the 'Community Involvement' award at the recent NSW Coastal Conference.

The impact

Formal recognition of the groups efforts through the award nomination, and subsequent win, has assisted to confirm the appreciation of their works from the wider community, acknowledge the success of their involvement in multiple projects and activities and reignite a passion for continued commitment from a group of highly skilled, talented, committed, hard working and passionate people. The 'local action' that group members, past and present, have contributed has helped shape community connection, education and assets.

Not only have the group acted and advocated for their environment, they have helped build a community. Their legacy will continue to grow and will be evident for future generations - in the bushland that they've helped to protect, the threatened species that they have helped to thrive, the community assets that they have built. Take a stroll to South Durras to watch the whales from one of the viewing platforms that they've erected, watch the waves crash on the shore of the beach that they've helped to 'shore up' and admire the bushland behind you and you wont help but appreciate their efforts too!

Key facts

  • South Durras Landcare group formed in the late 1980s to assist with the dune reclamation scheme
  • Since then have contributed over 30 years of service to environmental and community concerns
  • Recently awarded the 'Community Involvement' award at the NSW Coastal Conference recognising their valuable contribution and commitment towards maintaining a sustainable coastline

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