The EcoWarriors have been operating in the school since 2007. During this time many students have taken part in the group. Presently we have students from Year 5 to Year 10 participating.

Over the years we have taken part in many projects such as,

  • Saving humpback whales, working with IFAW on the project 'Icon Humpback project', resulting in the school adopting a humpback whale and the local Badjalang Elder naming her Jumigum (salt water)
  • Other projects have been to install a large green house (sponsored by Richmond Valley Council) to set up a native tree nursery. Seeds are collected locally and propagated by our nursery supervisor, Ross McFarlane. Over the years many of these trees have been planted in the local area by our local council Richmond Valley plus the local Landcare group, Evans River & Coastal Landcare; as well as many being planted by students over the years on National Tree day. Only last week five EcoWarrior students planted trees on the sand dunes at Evans Head.
  • The group has had grants to put in place a large recycling project throughout the school, (NRMA grant) plant veggie gardens, (Junior Landcare Grant) and  and purchase soil and mulch for the native nursery. (Richmond Landcare Inc. grant)

However our major project for this year is to install 4 TAngler Bins for fishing waste in popular fishing spots around Evans Head. (NSW Environment Trust grant)

Our older students encourage our primary students to learn about the environment and sustainability and are presently running a competition in the primary Called “It’s not rude if your food's nude" a colouring and poster competition. (Funded by the EcoWarriors along with vouchers from Birch Carroll and Coyle)

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