A Stronger Coastal Community

Community collaboration to increase environmental returns.

A Stronger Coastal Community

Community collaboration to increase environmental returns.

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The issue

Bitou bush has long been invading disturbed and undisturbed coastal ecosystems. The Far South Coast is no exception. The local Tathra Landcare group has been undertaking monthly working bees for the past 24 years focusing on eradicating Bitou bush from their coastal environment. The Landcare group would like to extend their area of influence but require more support.

The solution

Tathra Landcare is tapping into a coastal weeds project managed by the Far South Coast Landcare Association (FSCLA) and funded by Environment Trust. The Landcare group is linking into the established partnerships that exist between agencies. The Landcare group is working with the Bega Local Aboriginal Land Council (LALC), the Bega Valley Shire Council (BVSC) and the FSCLA to implement a weed management plan for the Tathra area. Financial support has been received from the BVSC Community Environment Grant scheme for a local aboriginal crew to work with the Landcare group and Council to map and control target weed species on public land around Tathra.

The impact

The collaboration between the Bega Local Aboriginal Land Council, Local Government and Tathra Landcare is working well. The Landcare group is receiving some much-needed support controlling target weeds, the Council is complementing the project with their own weed control works in the area, and the local aboriginal crew have been given the opportunity to manage a local weed control project for the first time. In the long term, it is hoped that this project will augment well with plans for the LALC to work on country on a range of environmental programs.

Key facts

  • Collaboration between community and local government.
  • Coastal vegetation restoration.
  • Local aboriginal community working on country.

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