The Fish Habitat Network is made up of organisations and people dedicated to making more fish naturally by protecting and rehabilitating fish habitat. Fish habitat includes the vegetation along the banks of waterways and instream habitat such as snags as well as freshwater and estuarine wetlands, mangrove forests and floodplains.

We are people from around Australia who help make fish happen by protecting and improving habitat that fish need to survive and thrive. The Fish Habitat Network began in New South Wales in 2009 and has since expanded to include people from other States and Territories. Individuals, communities, organisations and government are working together to bring native fish back and ensure that our aquatic environments and fish communities are healthy, diverse and sustainable for future generations.

Our Vision

A recreational fishing community that is actively involved in managing fish habitat across Australia.

Our Mission

To harness the skills, experience and projects within each of our organisations to promote and support the involvement of recreational fishers in all aspects of fish habitat management.

Our Objectives

  1. To collectively pursue national initiatives and activities related to improving fish abundance and biodiversity through habitat management.
  2. To share knowledge and support inter-jurisdictional collaboration.
  3. To make things happen on the ground in each jurisdiction across Australia.

So join us and get involved! Help make fish happen . . . naturally!

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