The Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife is a not-for-profit organisation that cares for Australia's natural and cultural heritage. It is a fundraiser and grant-maker. The Foundation works closely with Landcare Australia, and organises Corporate Environmental Volunteer Events at a number of iconic National Parks.

The Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife acquires land for addition to Australia's National Reserve System for permanent protection. In its 47-year history, the Foundation has added over 600,000 hectares of high conservation value land to this country's national parks and protected areas.

The Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife also funds threatened species conservation projects, cultural heritage projects, and work to make parks more inviting places for people through the provision of tracks, interpretive signage, facilities, and visitor centres.

It also provides free, high quality environmental education through its Backyard Buddies program.

The Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife is an independent, apolitical not-for-profit organisation. It was founded in 1970 by the then Lands Minister of NSW (and soon to be state Premier), the Hon Thomas L. Lewis. It was established to be the fundraising arm of the NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service. Its members voted in 2000 to amend its constitution and expand the scope of its work Australia-wide.

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