Revegetating and Stabilising Avalon Dunes

restoring native coastal vegetation and fauna habitat

Avalon Beach is one of Sydney's northern beaches. It is backed by dunes to 22m in height, and about 4.5ha in area, so a range of vegetation, from coastal spinifex to littoral rainforest, is present.

By the end of the 80s, Avalon Dunes was 80% bitou bush. Avalon Dunes bushcare started in 1990, as Friends of Avalon Dunes, following  Warringah Council's first work on bitou near the surf club. Our group is now a Pittwater Council bushcare group.

The dunes have been transformed since then to mostly native coastal vegetation, by extensive weed control, tubestock planting and natural regeneration. It's a haven for small birds.

But weeds persist, so our group continues.