Restoring and preserving Bungan and Betty Morrison reserve since 1971.

Bungan and Betty Morrison Reserve is a coastal bushland reserve on Sydney’s northern beaches. The Reserve is 7.5 hectares and adjoins Bungan Beach. Without roadway or carpark intrusions the coastal beach Reserve is one of the least disturbed reserves in Pittwater, however the reserve is struggling with serious long-term weed infestations that have caused environmental and aesthetic damage.

The Friends of Bungan Inc is made up of local residents of Bungan Beach that have been actively involved in managing and conserving the coastal dune system since the 1970. The dune stabilisation and regeneration works followed dune clearing and flattening during World War 2 and subsequent dune reshaping in the 1960’s. This project built on the hard work completed by the Friends of Bungan over previous years by keeping weeded areas maintained and removing seed sources that could cause further infestations. Around 70% of the dunes at Bungan Beach have been cleared of weeds and are under maintenance. This project targeted a strategic area of weeds identified as a “stubborn patch of asparagus fern, in full sunlight acting as a seed source and causing the weed to spread into other parts of the reserve.

Photo and text Rebecca Mooy

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