Friends of the Colo is a Landcare Group formed in 2000 to assist the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service and other Colo River catchment landowners in eradicating introduced pest species, like Willows, Lantana, Cape Ivy, Tree of Heaven and Honey Locust from the World Heritage Wollemi Wilderness Area and the land that surrounds. The group has about 12 activities each year, varying from a weekend to a week in duration. Most activities are in remote and trackless parts of the Wollemi Wilderness, so they are suitable only for experienced bush walkers or pack rafters.


The Willows out of Wollemi was a project that started with a goal of removing Black Willows from the Wollemi National Park by NPWS staff and volunteers and moved onto a volunteer Landcare program to remove Black Willows from the entire Colo Catchment. The project is still expanding to control Black Willows in adjoining catchments to prevent re-infestation of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area and Hawkesbury Floodplain Wetlands

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