Our principal purpose is the protection of the critically endangered species Dryococelus Australis and the sustainability of the habitats of Balls Pyramid & Lord Howe Island. In addition the provision of information on the breeding (recovery program) in education programs to school children and the general public and by providing funding to support research through our Public Fund called “Phasmid Fund” managed by our association and management committee.

The objects of the “friends” our as follows;

* Support and raise funding for the captive population in NSW to; a) secure the immediate survival of the species, and b) to enable its subsequent re-introduction back onto Lord Howe Island.

* Protection of the natural population on Balls Pyramid against catastrophic extinction in the wild.

* Promote the eradication of rats from Lord Howe Island.

* Support re-establishment of the Phasmid back onto its’ natural environment on Lord Howe Island after the removal of rats.

*Increase community understanding of endangered species, biodiversity, threatened species in the Phasmids natural environment and the threats affecting the Phasmid and the initiatives being undertaken to conserve the species.

Our Mission Statement

To show that by helping save this threatened stick insect we can raise awareness or this species and other endangered invertebrates and the ecosystems in which they live. By learning all we can about this species [Dryococelus australis] we will be finding ways to understand the threats that can cause extinctions in a variety of species, both plants and animals.


Description of our Association

We are a not – for – profit and registered charity group, dedicated to saving the critically endangered stick insect Dryococelus australis. Our goal is to see them breed in sufficient numbers that a population can be re-introduced back on Lord Howe Island; therefore we will be aiming to highlight this species plight in the media, to the general public and in schools. To achieve these goals we will be holding our general meetings for adults and children, showing live Bugs (insects & spiders), holding talks on conservation/ biodiversity, educational talks to schools the general public and much more. On our new web site we have information on the above activities and lots more.


A volunteer to help manage membership and accounts one to two days per month.

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