Monga National Park BBQ and Walk to celebrate 30 years of FMR inc

Following on from last minutes the BBQ in Monga National Park to celebrate our 30yr anniversary will be on Saturday 13th August. Arriving 11.30am at the Mongalowe River Picnic Area for BBQ - and after that a walk in the forest of your choice. There is a Waratah Walk which of course will not be showing any flowers at this point and/or the walk to Penance Grove. All are very easy walking. For those who may like, bring your push bike and perhaps we can ride to the source of the Mongarlowe River. That too is along the road following the river (generally) - We will be bringing some sausages, bread and a sparkling or two but please bring other food to suit. Attached find map to help you get there. Remember it is winter and the park has a lot of tall shading trees, so rug up. If we are lucky we may see a lyrebird or two. If it is really bad weather ….please rsvp by the Friday 12th in case we need to change the venue