Grant funded Projects

Joint projects conducted by FMR with the Braidwood CMA, local community groups and Mongarlowe Landcare
The Bank Job, Groyne built lower Mongarlowe River

The Bank Job involved contributions from Friends of the Mongarlowe River, Braidwood Mongarlowe River, Shoalhaven River Catchment, Southern Rivers region. Project purpose was to rehabilitate a severely eroded bank in the Mongarlowe River. This was achieved with installation of engineered log jams (10) and the revegetation of the riparian zone (0.45 km).Long term aims are to reduce significant source of sediment and improve habitat for fish. This project followed directly from FMR's earlier Macquarie Perch project. Funding granted was $25,400. The building of groynes has been completed in 2012. Work in revegetation continues. The site has been marked with a sign at the bridge acknowledging local landowners and citing work completed. A copy can be found on this website at

The Macquarie Perch Project - The Macquarie Perch Project -

Macquarie Perch Project - 2006 -2008 The Macquarie Perch is endangered and in serious decline throughout most of its former range. This project is improving knowledge through habitat assessment and species monitoring. It is producing a Conservation Information package for the community. It aims to achieve targeted and general community awareness, and identify ongoing conservation needs.