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Tired but happy ... Tired but happy ...

The motly crew of Gearys Gap/Wamboin Landcarers having completed a big job of planting and watering at Birchmans Estate, 2009. It was very hot and very dry, towards the end of the millenium drought.

With help from our friends ... With help from our friends ...

The Wamboin Volunteer Rural Fire Brigade members generously assist us with watering new plantings. Birchmans Estate, 2009.

Birchmans Estate planting Birchmans Estate planting

This was a new development a few years ago. We planted hundreds of trees along a greenway and around the community dam. The initial planting was done in March 2009, and this is a photo of the follow-up planting in winter. The results from the first planting were not perfect but were fairly good, considering the drought conditions.

Bungendore planting Bungendore planting

Planting native trees and shrubs, that we had propagated, at Bungendore, opposite the Waste Transfer Station, 2013. Kathy Handel in the foreground.

Our nursery at Wamboin, 2014  Our nursery at Wamboin, 2014

Our nursery, on the property of one of our members, is where we propagate plants for sale locally and to use in local planting projects.

Watering-in new plantings Watering-in new plantings

Jacqui O'Leary, former Group convenor, watering new plantings along the extension of Birchmans Grove, 2008.

Planting at Birchmans Estate, 04 Aug 2018 Planting at Birchmans Estate, 04 Aug 2018

Above are photos from our initial planting of trees and shrubs on the Birchmans Estate Greenway. It occurred on a 35-plus degree summer's day in the heart of the millenium drought, 2009. Today we did additional plantings of eucalypts and acacias, filling in some of the gaps. A freezing cold winter's day (6 degrees, feels like 2 degrees, according to BOM) in another terrible drought that has yet to be named.